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Eat organic

Are you concerned about keeping a healthy diet during your stay? We offer you a wide selection of organic and local products for you to enjoy: delicious breakfasts, healthy lunches to take away during your day activities, and delicious dinners to enjoy on your return.

Our suggestions:

desayuno ecologico en el loft de Dulcinea

Organic Breakfast 7,00€/person

• Organic fruit juice
• Organic semi-skimmed milk or soya drink
• Organic black/green tea or coffee

… and to choose from:
• Organic wholemeal toast + Organic butter and marmalade + Organic egg
• Organic seasonal organic fruit + Organic cereals/oatmeal + Organic kefir/free-range yoghurt

Hoy no cocinamos

No cooking today! 29,95€/person

• Lentil and veg stew (2 portions)
• Young Manchego sheep’s milk cheese
• Fig snack with blueberries and pumpkin seeds
• Vegetable soup (2 portions)
• Galician octopus (medium)
• Maruxas organic butter biscuits
• GAIA red wine

Aperitivo Lovers

Aperitivo Lovers

•  Organic artichoke & curry pâté
• Orgamoc olives with fine herbs
• Organic potato crisps
• Organic corn snacks
• GF Organic corn nachos
• Organic white grape juice
• Organic Pink Vermouth
• Organic Blonde Ale Beer
• Organic Black Beer

Locos por el chocolate

Crazy about chocolate 13,99€/person

• Organic Chestnut and Choc Spread
• Milk chocolate (100g)
• White chocolate (100g)

… and choose from:
• Organic chilli dark Choc 73%
or Organic ginger dark Choc 73%
or Organic mint dark Choc 73%

…plus your choice of:
• Organic choco & wheat biscuits
or Organic choco & rye biscuits

Carefully prepared for you, these delicious organic bundles are ready to enjoy, freeing you from all the planning and cooking hassles. Enjoy your stay to the fullest.

Prefer to choose your own ingredients and give them that personal touch in our fully equipped kitchen, at your disposal? Our ecommerce has everything you need, all organic, free of chemicals or preservatives and of maximum quality. You also have a wide range of organic wines, vermouths and traditionally produced liqueurs for your delight.

Are you vegan, vegetarian or have any dietary requirements? biofood.es is the local landmark for your needs. Thanks to our integrated project, you can enjoy the food you like and need during your wellness retreat.

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